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American Hooked Rugs

American hooked rugs, cherished for their vibrant hues and intricate craftsmanship, embody the essence of North American folk art. Originating in the 1840s, these rugs, primarily crafted in the Northeast USA and Maritime Canada, have evolved into sought-after decorative treasures. Their diverse designs, from free-form patterns to folk art motifs, adorn homes and walls with timeless elegance. Composed of materials such as linen, flax, hemp, buffalo wool, and Indian jute, each rug carries a rich history of American ingenuity and creativity. Often dyed with vegetable or chrome dyes, these rugs reflect a tapestry of cultural influences and artisanal techniques.

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Jan, Feb, March                        By Appointment Only

Apr                                             Mon, Thurs, Fri 10-4

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Dec (1st-16th)                            Mon + Fri 10-4

                                                    Sat 10-3

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